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So Delicious Coconut Pear Curry with Chicken

Yummy Food Coconut Pear Curry with Chicken surely is our favorite food. I will give you simple recipe to make Coconut Pear Curry with Chicken for my son. This Coconut Curry Chicken tastes better than your favorite restaurant! Its lusciously creamy, loaded with flavor and super simple to make all in one skillet. This Chicken Curry with coconut milk is made with pantry friendly yellow curry powder and customizable veggies, so you can make this easy one.

Coconut Pear Curry with Chicken

Tasty Food Coconut Pear Curry with Chicken

Stir coconut milk, cilantro and mint into the sauce. Season to taste with salt and pepper and spoon over chicken. The coconut curry is what makes this recipe incredible. You can easily cook Coconut Pear Curry with Chicken in 12 ingredients and just 9 steps. Here is cooking guidance how you can easily make that.


1 You need of Cauliflower.
2 Approximately of Whole Pears (pealed winter).
3 Approximately of stock Celery.
4 You need of large Onion.
5 You need of Coconut milk 160z.
6 You need of Curry or to your taste.
7 Approximately of Chicken.
8 About of Chicken stock.
9 Approximately of Water with one bouillon cube.
10 It’s of Garlic chopped.
11 Approximately of Cornstarch.
12 Prepare of Rice or quinoa as cooking instructions.

The curry powder, coconut milk and hint of cinnamon are the perfect trio. The longer it all reduces down in the same pan, the more intense the flavors become! Not only does the chicken absorb all the flavors, but so will cauliflower rice. Coconut Pear Curry with Chicken We love curry and we find it hard to make Autumn vegetables a part of our diet so my wife made this up one night.

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Cut all vegetables into 1 inch parts and set aside..
Step 2 Cut chicken or tofu into 1 inch pieces. Set aside..
Step 3 Mix hot water, bouillon together set aside (vegi stock is fine).
Step 4 Cook chicken, diced cauliflower, onion, pears and garlic on medium heat for about 10 minutes..
Step 5 Mix curry with stock set aside..
Step 6 Slowly add coconut milk..
Step 7 Once you have cooked the base for ten minutes add stock cook for 30 minutes..
Step 8 Once you have a base at 30 minutes, mix the cornstarch into the bouillon broth. Slowly add to thicken..
Step 9 Spoon over rice or quinoa..

We hope that you all enjoy this as much as we did. Add pureed pear, coconut milk, and raisins. Core and cut remaining pear into ½-inch cubes and add to curry. While the chicken is cooking, make the coconut cauliflower rice. Creamy Coconut Chicken Curry is an easy to make and healthy weeknight curry dinner recipe.

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