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So Tasty Fajitas

So Tasty Fajitas one of my favorite food. Its easy to make Fajitas for my friends. Enjoy this Tex-Mex recipe at home–throw a fajita party where your friends and family build their own fajitas and make memories that last. Our fajitas recipe relies on GOYA® Mojo Criollo as a flavorful marinade that delivers juicy, tender meat, and GOYA® Flour Tortillas for a pocket everyone can pick up. For the fajitas: Once the beef is off the grill pan and resting, add the bell peppers and onions tossed with lime juice and olive oil, if using.


Tasty Food Fajitas

Pile beef or chicken, and cooked green peppers and onions, onto tortillas for fajitas the whole family will love. Try our best fajitas recipes for a family meal full of Mexican-inspired spices, including chicken, beef and fish versions, as well as vegetarian options with tofu or beans. Classic Tex Mex, fajitas (pronounced fah-hee-tas) are typically made with grilled strips of skirt steak with onions and bell peppers, and served sizzling hot with fresh tortillas, guacamole, sour cream, and salsa. You can have Fajitas in 11 ingredients and just 4 steps. Here is cooking guidance how you can easily make that.


1 Prepare 700 grams of Kotopoulo fileto.
2 It’s 3 of Piperies kokkines.
3 Take 3 of Piperies prasines.
4 You need 2 of Kremmydia.
5 Take 1 of Skordo.
6 You need 1 of Xontro alati.
7 It’s 1 of Paprika.
8 You need 1 of Piperi kokkino.
9 It’s 1 of Tabasco.
10 Take 1 of Manitaria.
11 You need 1 of Elaiolado.

You can make fajitas with steak or chicken, or even make it plain vegetarian. Here's a quick and easy recipe for steak fajitas. These shrimp fajitas take on a different technique as they don't use a typical liquid marinade, and are air fried. You can use your preferred fajita seasoning and serve with toppings of your choice, like sour cream, Oaxaca cheese, and avocado.

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Tsigarizoume to kremmydi me tis piperies mexri na malakosoun..
Step 2 Prosthetoume to kotopoulo, sto opoio exoume prosthesei ta mpaxarika kai to skordo..
Step 3 Anakateuoume synexws ews otou na psithoun..
Step 4 Serviroume me tortillas kai diafores pikantikes sauce..

Season chicken with salt and pepper, then add to bowl and toss to coat. When I get a hankering for beef fajitas, I pretty much can think of nothing else until I eat them. I made them over the weekend after a profound craving set in—and no, I'm not pregnant I think as far as I know—and ohhhhh, was the reward so sweet. These are so quick and tasty. You can use strips of boneless chicken breast instead of the beef.

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