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So Yummy Capsicum gravy

Delicious Food Capsicum gravy surely is one of my favorite food. I always use this special recipe to serve Capsicum gravy for my husband. Capsicum curry recipe – Simple capsicum masala gravy that goes very well with chapathi, rice, dosa and even with pulao. Capsicum is one of the most healthiest veggies that is low in calories yet provides lot of health benefits. Hence it is recommended to use them regularly.

Capsicum gravy

Easy Yummy Capsicum gravy

Follow this easy Indian curry recipe and indulge in to delicately spicy yet delicious capsicum sabzi. Capsicum masala gravy is a delicious side dish recipe for rice, roti, chapathi, dosa, pulav etc. The gravy is rich and spicy with a blend of flavorful spices. You can simply prepare Capsicum gravy by following 5 ingredients and just 4 steps. Here is cooking guidance how you can easily make that.


1 Prepare of Capsicum (2).
2 Prepare of Onion (1).
3 You need of Tomato (1).
4 Approximately of Ginger.
5 You need leaves of Coriander.

All the spices here is roasted and ground to powder. Capsicum is cooked in onion tomato mixture along with roasted spices which makes the curry rich and aromatic. Capsicum masala gravy recipe – a rich and delicious gravy that goes well with roti,chapathi and pulao. I already posted a capsicum masala recipe earlier but this is a simple and version that you can make anytime.

Cooking Guidances

Step 1 Pan : oil(3-4tsp) + onion + tomato + oggarne(jeera as well) + garlic paste.
Step 2 Mixer: 2tsp Coconut + 2tsp hurigadale (daliya)+ 1tsp rasam powder + 0.25tsp bisibele bath powder + pinch turmeric + 1-1.5 red chilli + ginger + cashew (5-6) + half onion/tomato fried. Grind it with water as per your required thickness..
Step 3 In pan: capsicum + add step 2 paste + salt (2) + lemon (0.5tsp)+sugar(0.5)+coriander leaves. Let it boil. After some time off it and serve..
Step 4 T.

I love the flavour of capsicum in any dish slowly mittu is liking it too so apart from adding them to fried rice now I have started making this kind of dishes too. Capsicum Masala recipe with step by step photos – delicious Hyderabadi style curry made with capsicum or bell peppers. This capsicum masala recipe is similar to the way the popular Hyderabadi curries like Bagara baingan, Baingan masala and Mirchi ka salan are made. The capsicum masala gravy has a sour taste due to the presence of tamarind. There is a nuttiness coming from the peanuts and.

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