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Best Food Ever: Paneer fingers with peanut sauce

So Yummy Paneer fingers with peanut sauce definitely is one of my favorite food. This is my secret recipe to make Paneer fingers with peanut sauce for my friends. Add Tomato sauce, soya sauce and shezwan chutney into it and saute till oil separates. Add salt as per taste and turn off the gas. For peanut sauce, in a pan; add oil, chopped garlic and chopped ginger.

Paneer fingers with peanut sauce

So Tasty Paneer fingers with peanut sauce

It gets a slight kick from sriracha. And there's also garlic, ginger and green onion which add to the flavor. Pretty simple sauce but big on flavors. You can simply cook Paneer fingers with peanut sauce in 16 ingredients and just 6 steps. Here is cooking guidance how you can easily cook that.


1 Prepare of paneer.
2 Take of Chilli garlic ginger paste.
3 Approximately of Soya sauce.
4 Take of sesame seeds.
5 Take of honey.
6 Take of Salt.
7 Prepare of For peanut sauce.
8 Approximately of peanut butter.
9 Approximately of small chopped onion.
10 Take of Garlic chilli ginger paste.
11 It’s of soya sauce.
12 Approximately of red chilli powder.
13 About of honey.
14 Prepare of Salt.
15 Approximately of oil.
16 It’s of milk.

Thai Paneer Satay a perfect side dish for sunday lunch. Thai Paneer Satay gives a perfect company your Thai basil fried rice. Navratris are on, […] Paneer Satay with Peanut Sauce is a very simple yet delectable snack to prepare. It is made with Paneer which is cut into long slices, marinated in a spice mix of coconut milk, peanut paste and the juice extracted from the paste made with a mix of coriander roots, green chillies, lemon grass, kaffir leaves or lime leaves, galangal, ginger, and garlic, grilled or pan fried until light brown in.

Cooking Guidances

Step 1 Cut the paneer into fingers add ginger chilli garlic paste honey soya sauce salt seesame seeds marinate it well.
Step 2 After marination keep it in refrigerator for 30 mins.. We can also keep for 2 to 3 hours for paneer marination.. For sauce in a kadai add oil and chopped onion and saute it than add Garlic ginger chilli paste and again saute it.
Step 3 Now add peanut buttermilk soya sauce red chilli powder salt and mix it.. Now turn of the gas and let the sauce get cool.
Step 4 As sauce gets cool grind it in grinder to form smooth consistency of sauce.. Divide sauce for dipping paneer and for serving… Take out marinated paneer after 30 mins dip it in sauce and coat it with some seesame seeds.
Step 5 In a pan apply some oil with brush and shallow fry the paneer… And cook it till it get crispy golden brown… Now planner is ready.. Serve it with peanut chutney and enjoy😊.
Step 6 Enjoy paneer fingers😊.

Skewer the marinated cottage cheese/paneer with satay stick. Grease the pan with oil and grill it till they are cooked. Cottage Cheese Satay /Paneer Satay is ready to be served with peanut sauce. It is fully loaded with nutrition as all the three ingredients – broccoli, paneer and peanuts are a great powerhouse of nutrients especially protein. The stuffing is sautéed with simple flavors by adding some Sichuan sauce to create a delicious.

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