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So Yummy Fridge Clean Out Nachos

Yummy Food Fridge Clean Out Nachos surely is one of my favorite food. Today we will prepare Fridge Clean Out Nachos for my husband. Great recipe for Fridge Clean Out Nachos. This week I had a few leftover items from taco night and a leftover quarter of a bag of tortilla chip pieces and crumbs. Voila! #fridgecleanout #nachos #loadednachos Fridge Clean Out Nachos.

Fridge Clean Out Nachos

Tasty Food Fridge Clean Out Nachos

But, heck, you could start out with fridge cleaning and end up with soup, salad, burritos, pasta, quiche, "Dagwood. They called one of the suggestions "Clean out the fridge," and in this particular case the destination was a curry. Into coconut milk base went chicken, veggies, Thai green curry paste and lemons.. You can simply cook Fridge Clean Out Nachos in 6 ingredients and only 5 steps. Here is cooking guidance how you can easily make that.


1 It’s of Leftover Tortilla Chip Crumbs.
2 You need 1 can of refried beans.
3 About 1/2 cup of shredded cheese.
4 It’s 1 tablespoon of chopped green onion.
5 Take 1 tablespoon of chopped tomato.
6 You need of Optional: Salsa or Hot Sauce.

A place nearby makes these fabulous nachos with shredded beef, cheese, black olives, onions, peppers, salsa, sour cream, and guacamole on, oh. Clean the Fridge Nachos Nachos And Dreams. They're the perfect use for taco night leftovers or as a clean-out-the-fridge sort of ordeal! When we have it handy, adding a cup or so of fresh pico de gallo orblack bean salsa is always a must!

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Cook your refried beans in a small saucepan on the stove top over medium heat. Stirring occasionally..
Step 2 Meanwhile, Spread any leftover tortilla crumbs and chip pieces, that are too small to scoop or dip, so they are flat and even on a plate..
Step 3 Next, chop your veggies and tomatoes. Whatever you have leftover works! I had tomatoes and green onion. You could also use peppers, cilantro, other kinds of onions, or whatever you prefer!.
Step 4 When the refried beans are done spread them evenly on top of the tortilla chips. Follow with shredded cheese of whatever kind you have and your toppings!.
Step 5 Microwave on high, uncovered, for 45-60 seconds until your cheese is melted. Add some salsa or hot sauce on top if you have it and/or desire, (I did😁) Grab a fork, and Enjoy!.

We also love topping our nachos with avocado corn salsa <- SO GOOD! special diets and swaps Nachos definitely function as a fridge clean out, if we have tortilla chips on hand. Sometimes I use refried beans mixed with diced green chilies if I'm feeling extra. My point is that nachos are super versatile and you should make them just how you like them. Tips for making excellent Prep Ahead Rotisserie Chicken Nachos: To clean your fridge properly, set aside a good hour: your fridge will thank you (and so will you, next time you open it). Use our fridge cleaning hacks to make make the job easier.

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