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Easy Yummy Green spaghetti

Yummy Food Green spaghetti undoubtedly is our favorite food. I always use this special recipe to serve Green spaghetti for my daughter. This green spaghetti recipe is a delightfully spicy dish, with poblano peppers, cilantro, cream cheese, and more. Here's how you can make your own version of Espagueti Verde also known as green pasta! Great recipe for Espagueti Verde- Green Spaghetti.

Green spaghetti

So Yummy Green spaghetti

This dish is made from simple ingredients. If you make a lot of Mexican food you probably already have most of the ingredients. The first step is to roast the poblano peppers. You can simply cook Green spaghetti by following 9 ingredients and only 4 steps. Here is cooking guidance how you can easily make it.


1 Take 5-6 of .
2 You need 4 of poblanos.
3 Approximately of Philadelphia cream cheese.
4 You need of cilantro.
5 About of minced garlic.
6 Approximately of sour cream.
7 It’s of milk.
8 Approximately of water.
9 You need of spaghetti.

Bring a large pot of lightly salted water to a boil. Peel the blackened skin from the chiles, and remove the seeds and stems. Blend them up with garlic, cream cheese, chicken stock, and herbs. Cook some spaghetti to al dente and toss in the green sauce.

Cooking Guidances

Step 1 Cut open poblano peppers remove seeds and place on stove top till dark put in plastic bag afterwards to sweat them so they can be easier to peel.
Step 2 You can cook spaghetti after the poblano peppers are roasted then drain(I did add salt to my spaghetti but that is optional) 🍝.
Step 3 Next take poblano peppers already peeled, minced garlic,cilantro,sour cream, Philadelphia cream cheese and blend all together in blender.
Step 4 Mix sauce together with spaghetti and it's ready to serve!!!!(I did not use milk because the cream cheese was enough to make it creamy).

This is my all time favorite chef Jamie Oliver's Recipe. You need just spinach, garlic, olive oil and pasta to make this dish. I was working in a Mexican Restaurant when I was younger, there they taught me to make this amazing dish, Verde Espaguetis AKA Green Spaghetti. I didn't want to try it at first, but they made me eat it,and I'm so glad they did, it is now One of my family's favorite Mexican dishes I make, t. Vegetarian v "Everyone loves pasta – it's a big hit in my household – so treating it as your best friend and a vehicle for getting extra veg into meals is a really good way to approach things.

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