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So Yummy Lemon pickle with garlic

Yummy Food Lemon pickle with garlic undoubtedly is one of my favorite food. Its easy to make Lemon pickle with garlic for my son. This pickle lasts for a month and can be made in small batches. If making in larger quantities ensure that there is enough lemon juice to soak ginger, chilli and garlic. My mother did not add garlic and I started adding garlic as I found a similar garlic pickle in many restaurants serving Kerala cuisine.

Lemon pickle with garlic

Easy Yummy Lemon pickle with garlic

Pickles are eaten as a side in an Indian meal and is believed to aid digestion when eaten in small quantities. A typical Indian meal always consists of a pickle and lemon pickle is the most common. Fill the bottle in which you plan to store the lemon rind pickle with water. You can simply cook Lemon pickle with garlic in 7 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is cooking guidance how you can easily cook that.


1 Prepare of Lemon.
2 Approximately of Salt.
3 Take of Veg Oil.
4 Prepare of Red chilli powder.
5 About of mustard.
6 Approximately of fenugreek.
7 You need of Garlic.

After the water has cooled down, mix it with salt and the lemon rind. Keep filling the bottle with more lemon rinds. You can make the pickle after storing the lemon rinds in this brine for at least a month. Garlic pickle recipe with lemon, spice powder and very less oil.

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Crush the garlic.
Step 2 Dry roast mustard and fenugreek seeds and grind them to paste.
Step 3 Cut Lemon into small pieces, squeeze few lemons into juice.
Step 4 Mix these with salt, oil and red chilli powder..
Step 5 Store it in a pickle jar for 3 days before using.

Super easy procedure with full video, stepwise pictures. But somehow not convinced to try. To pickle garlic, create a brine of water, vinegar, and salt and boil until the salt completely dissolves. Next, fill each jar with herbs and spices, peeled garlic cloves, and enough brine to fully cover the garlic. This is the basic lemon pickle recipe that is a staple in most Indian households.

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