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Easy Delicious Cilantro lime chicken avocado burritos

Easy Delicious Cilantro lime chicken avocado burritos no doubt is our favorite food. Its easy to make Cilantro lime chicken avocado burritos for my son. These Chicken Burrito Bowls are brought to you by Hidden Valley Ranch. Fiesta Ranch Chicken Burrito Bowl piled with tender, marinated fiesta ranch chicken, cheesy one pot Cilantro Lime Rice with black beans, guilt free Chipotle Ranch Avocado Crema and all your favorite burrito fixins'. You are going to want a very big bowl.

Cilantro lime chicken avocado burritos

So Yummy Cilantro lime chicken avocado burritos

To prepare Avocado Salsa, combine salsa, avocado, lime juice, red onion and cilantro in bowl; gently fold to blend. Make the chicken, Spanish Rice, and Chipotle Crema, and then add other options like Mexican shredded beef, cilantro lime rice, and some Creamy Avocado Dressing. Then you'll want to chop up some tomatoes, thinly slice some avocado, and chop up some extra cilantro. You can simply cook Cilantro lime chicken avocado burritos in 11 ingredients and just 6 steps. Here is cooking guidance how you can easily cook it.


1 Prepare 2 of Boneless chicken breast.
2 It’s 1 of Avocado – sliced.
3 Take 1 of Vine ripe tomato – diced.
4 Take 2 of Limes – halved.
5 It’s 1/2 Cup of Shredded monterey jack cheese.
6 You need 2 TBSP of Fresh cilantro – chopped.
7 You need 1/2 Cup of Sour cream.
8 Approximately 1/4 Cup of Salsa verde.
9 Approximately 2 TSP of Tajin brand clasico seasoning.
10 Prepare 1 TSP of Chipotle chile powder.
11 Prepare 1 TBSP of Sea salt.

This, my friends, is called a Mexican Fiesta! Start by combining the olive oil, lime juice, garlic, chili powder, salt and pepper together and adding them to a freezer bag along with the chicken breasts. Start by seasoning your chicken (onion powder, garlic powder, cumin, salt, pepper and chili powder) and then cook it in a little olive oil in your Instant Pot in "saute mode". You won't need to cook it long, just enough to get a little sear on the outside, about.

Cooking Guidances

Step 1 Juice one lime into a small bowl and add Tajin seasoning and chile powder..
Step 2 Grill chicken over medium heat while brushing occasionally with lime juice/seasoning mix..
Step 3 Spread sour cream into center of tortillas and add tomato and avocado..
Step 4 Once cooked slice chicken and place into tortillas, juice remaining lime over sliced chicken and add in cilantro, salsa verde and cheese. Sprinkle with chopped cilantro and sea salt..
Step 5 Fold ends of tortillas and role burritos so that they are flat on the sides. Place burritos on griddle for 2-3 min per side, or until tortilla becomes crispy..
Step 6 Enjoy with a side of sour cream..

Cover and reduce heat to medium-low. Swap out the cilantro and lime juice for basil and lemon juice. It is just as delicious AND nutritious! Just like that, you have an avocado spread that you can spread on to toast, top bowls, or just eat it right off the spoon. Option: Use taco lime grilled chicken, cilantro lime grilled chicken or tequila lime grilled chicken instead of plain chicken.

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