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Easy Delicious Grilled Paella

Yummy Food Grilled Paella must be our favorite food. Its easy to make Grilled Paella for my son. Paella, the classic grilled rice dish from Spain, is perfect for a barbecue because everything cooks together in one pan and absorbs the smoky flavor from the fire. The key to this dish is the crusty caramelized layer of rice, called socarrat, that forms on the bottom of the pan. While the combination of ingredients ranges from the traditional.

Grilled Paella

Tasty Food Grilled Paella

Bring the stock, paella pan, chicken, chorizo and other ingredients to a table near the grill. In a small bowl, mix the paprika and garlic powder. Season the chicken, shrimp and calamari with the mixture. You can simply prepare Grilled Paella by following 20 ingredients and just 11 steps. Here is cooking guidance how you can easily make that.


1 It’s of olive oil.
2 Approximately of boneless skinless chicken thighs, halved.
3 Take of raw shrimp, shelled and deveined.
4 Prepare of garlic powder.
5 Take of smoked paprika.
6 Take of Chipotle powder.
7 Take of Spanish style chorizo.
8 Prepare of mussels, scrubbed.
9 Take of onion, diced.
10 Prepare of garlic, minced.
11 You need of roasted red peppers, chopped.
12 Prepare of arborio rice.
13 Take of chicken stock.
14 Take of clam juice.
15 Approximately of seafood soup base (Penzeys).
16 Prepare of dry sherry.
17 About of tomato paste.
18 Prepare of frozen peas.
19 Prepare of lemon, wedged.
20 Take of rosemary.

Grilled Paella Mixta (Mixed Paella With Chicken and Seafood) Recipe. This famed seafood-and-meat paella may not be traditional, but it's a favorite of diners all over the world for good reason. The grill makes it possible to cook a one big enough for a crowd at home. Place a large flameproof skillet on the grill and heat the olive oil in it.

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Combine the paprika and the chipotle. Half the seasoning between two small bowls. In one half portion, add the garlic powder, along with a tsp of salt. Use this garlic/pepper seasoning to season the chicken and shrimp. Scrub the muscles or clams, and discard any that are open (they're dead)..
Step 2 Prep everything before hand. Start a full chimney of charcoal..
Step 3 Evenly lay out your chimney of coals. Add 10-20 unlit briquettes on top of the lit coals. You'll need this extra fuel to keep the cook going. If you're roasting your own peppers, now is the time to blacken them on the grill..
Step 4 Grill your chicken only until it starts to show grill marks..
Step 5 Remove the chicken and roasted red peppers. The peppers steam and are peeled and roughly chopped. You can just use jarred roasted pepper if you want..
Step 6 Place a large roasting pan on the grill. Add the oil and heat until shimmering..
Step 7 Add the onions, minced garlic, and red peppers to the pan. Place the chorizo on the edges to sear. Remove them as soon as they brown..
Step 8 When the vegetables begin to stick to the bottom add the remaining half portion of paprika/chipotle. Stir to combine..
Step 9 Add the rice and stir to coat. If needed add a little more oil. Continue to cook until the rice begins to toast..
Step 10 Add the stock all at once. Follow by placing the chicken around the edges of the pan. Followed by the sausages moving to the center. Place the shrimp in the middle in a layer. Wedge the lemons into the broth and place the rosemary into the broth. (I added the mussels here, but they should be added later). Cover and cook with all vents fully open for 20 min. I had a few cherry tomatoes and threw them in too..
Step 11 After 20 min, wedge the mussels (or clams) into the rice. Sprinkle with frozen peas, and cook another 20 min. The mussels should open and release their juices. Adding them later will ensure they're not overcooked. Serve in big bowls..

Add the chorizo, cover the skillet and close the grill. Cook over high heat until the chorizo. Prepare a grill for medium heat. Paella is all about community and enjoying eating together. The method for this grilled paella recipe works for any standard grill.

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